The collection of buildings that now make up The Daniel have stood on this exact spot for more than 125 years. Despite extensive research, including the resources of local well-known historian Jack Neely, the exact date of its first construction is still unknown. The site first shows up on city maps in the late 1880’s or early 1890’s, and the Richardsonian architectural style of the tallest and westernmost building, popular in the late 1800’s, supports this time period. At that time, sawmills, factories and warehouses dominated the landscape of what is now known as The Old City. The adjacent railway provided plentiful business opportunities, and local restaurants, markets and saloons fed the thirsts of hard-working Knoxvillians.

The first known tenant was Wm. Horne & Company, a liquor distributor who set up shop around 1890. Shortly thereafter the building served as a warehouse for the carriage construction company operated by Sheridan & Quincy. The site began its long history in the garment industry in the late 1890’s, first under the name of Powers, Little & Company, and ultimately as the John H. Daniel company in 1928. John H. Daniel operated its business at this location until current renovations began on The Daniel in 2014.


The Daniel offers comfortable living spaces of all shapes and sizes, ranging from 460 to over 1600 square feet. The Daniel is also home to seven spacious and dramatic commercial spaces available for lease. If you are interested in learning more about business opportunities at The Daniel, you’ll find our complete contact information here.

These unique lofts reinterpret and incorporate many of the original materials, finishes, and proportions of the historic structure built nearly 100 years ago and combine the sophisticated, modern amenities urban dwellers demand. The lofts feature abundant natural light from all new windows and skylights, and have many desirable features including multi-level living, open floor plans, and generous ceiling heights and room sizes.

The Daniel was completely renovated in 2015 to the United States Department of the Interior Standards for Historic Preservation, and the result contributes a remarkable example to Knoxville’s architectural and cultural history.


Brighton Developers was established in 2013 and is a Real Estate Development firm specializing in adaptive re-use projects, multi-use Historic property development, and management. The team at Brighton has participated in and supported development efforts for Historic Preservation and adaptive re-use projects in Downtown Knoxville since 2001.

Second image above courtesy of Thompson Photograph Collection, Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection


  • On-Site Parking
  • Unique Floor Plans
  • Modern Cabinets, Fixtures, Finishes
  • High Efficiency Appliances
  • Laundry in Every Unit
  • Safe & Secure Entry
  • Natural Lighting
  • Large Elevator
  • On-Site Storage Units Available
  • Upscale Living Downtown