Spring Cleaning a Downtown Apartment

Spring Cleaning in a loft

Spring cleaning is here! Time to rid yourself of all the junk you have accumulated over winter. Throw out the stocking stuffers and hand-me-downs! Let go of last year’s “filing system” stacked on your desk!

Roll up your sleeves and get started, because it is so rewarding to live in a clean space.

Here are some tips to make this year’s spring cleaning a little more manageable.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Divide and Conquer

Cleaning is much more manageable when you take it one room at a time. Tactically divide your apartment into smaller battlefields to conquer over time. This will help you avoid wasting an entire weekend filling trash bags when you could be enjoying the lovely weather in the Old City!

junk can pile up in an urban loft


Prioritizing is important to differentiate between necessities and junk.

A great rule of thumb is to get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last three years. Donate these items to charity! Someone else will find a good use for our old clothes.

Clear the Pantry

It is surprising how long people can hoard dry goods. Just about anyone could reach into their pantry right now and uncover a box of baking powder from 2012. Take this opportunity to clean out any groceries that are expired or stale.

Don’t just declutter. Clean!

When was the last time your apartment got a deep cleaning? For most people, it has been a second.

Now that you’ve decluttered your space, go back and clean each area. The extra effort will make all your apartment shine!

relax after cleaning your apartment


Didn’t all your hard work pay off? The floors are clean, the air smells fresh, and your space is overall more open and inviting. Take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and admire your newly cleaned apartment.

Spring cleaning time is here! With these tips, you will be done before you know it.

Happy cleaning!

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