Tips for Furnishing an Urban Living Space


Urban living presents many unique challenges for city-dwellers. There seems to be a constant struggle between efficiency and expression of personal style when decorating a small space. So where is the ideal balance between the two? How can someone make the most of their limited space while still maintaining its livability?

Here are some tips to help you create the space you need in a small apartment:

1. Create a focal point

Too much uniformity in an urban living space can make the room appear smaller.

One way to combat this is to create a focal point for your room using full-scale furniture and ornate decorations. These attention-grabbing details attract the eye and help break up a room, making it appear larger.

For those with a daring decorative style, using varying textures and shapes can enhance this effect adding interest to a space and keeping the eye stimulated.

Be aware, however, that there is a fine line between creating a focal point and decorative chaos. Purchasing classic furniture pieces with simple lines and edges can help create a sense of flow to a small area.

2. Capitalize on space

One of the most crucial lessons of urban living is how to make the most of the scarce space available.

The first step is to declutter your apartment. Messes distract the eye from the details of a room which, in turn, makes the space appear smaller. To fight this, stay persistent about picking up after yourself and come up with creative ways to store items that go unused for long periods of time.

Secondly, stay away from furnishings that take up unnecessary space. Choosing open furnishings helps the flow of your apartment by accentuating the space that you already have. Chairs with visible legs and open bookshelves are perfect examples of pieces that can help open up a room.

Finally, use mirrors to expand your space visually. However, make sure that the area you’re reflecting is aesthetically appealing. Replicating a cluttered space will only make the room look more chaotic.

3. Use flexible furnishings

When you have limited space to work with, flexibility is key for functional fixtures. Get creative and utilize your space with multipurpose efficiency.

A high table located centrally in your kitchen is perfect for an urban living space. Not only can the table function as a place to eat and do work, but a high table also works great as a stand-in island by providing additional counter space in a small kitchen.

Using flexible dividers to separate one area from another is another useful trick. Another smart way to divide your space it by using an open bookshelf. It creates a barrier between spaces without closing off either ‘room.’ Plus it acts as storage!

For areas of your apartment that require more privacy, ceiling mounted curtains are a great solution. These can be opened or closed depending on your needs and are great for hiding cluttered areas such as desks or secluding private spaces like the bedroom area.

Try it on for Size

Urban living can be a challenge, but with a little strategy and creativity your apartment can be as spacious as you make it.

Try out some of these design tricks at your pad in the city and let us know what you think!

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